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appeal from a mentally disabled person

Sad man is crying

I am a person suffering from mental illnesses called depression and schizophrenia.

I have been receiving treatment for this mental illness for about 20 years.

Even though it was very difficult to get an education with this illness, I studied web development in 2004 and worked as a web designer for several years until my illness worsened in 2010, I had to quit my job due to unavoidable difficulties in day to day activities.

It is very difficult for me to go to places where people hang out.

Since 2010 I have been at home under medical treatment due to hearing voices, extreme fear and suicidal thoughts.

In the meantime, despite my illness, I was able to make a living by doing small projects received from friends while staying at home.

But my state of mind got worse and now it's hard to manage my day to day life as I'm taking high dosage of antipsychotic drugs and due to side effects I'm getting dizziness, uncomfortable restlessness, stiffness and shakiness.

If you can support me to survive my life under this critical state, please assign me a photo editing task as described below or if you just need to donate only, please proceed by clicking the “Donate with PayPal” button below.

Steps to assign me a Photo Editing task

  1. I can edit your photos using Photoshop, you can decide how much to pay for the task.
  2. Send your photos to my email: taga.cc@yahoo.com
  3. Clearly describe what you want to do for your photos when composing the email which you’re going to send me along with attached photos.
  4. Once I completed your task you can do the payment using the "Donate with PayPal" button below with any amount decided by you.

Your donations will help me to get medication and buy some food.

I would send you a nice ‘thank you card’ through email as a gratitude for your donation.